5/3/18 Today I am starting a six week course on anger management. This is a module offered by The Essex Institute and will give me 10  points towards their International Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy for which I have to gain 100 points and write a final essay.

I already have 60 points through studying Broad Band for the Brain, Warriors, Settlers and Nomads, Essentials for a Successful Practice, Brief Interventions and Relationship Repair. I still need to undertake courses in Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Working with Depression, Conscious Analytical Therapy, Practical Analysis and Regression and Working with Serious Issues.


1/1/18 Having completed several courses run by The Essex Institute I have decided to study sufficient modules to qualify for their advanced diploma. I will update as I complete each module and hopefully achieve this qualification.  


19/12/17 I have accredited in Warriors, Settlers and Nomads - a type of therapy based in Epigenetics, having written a case study and had it passed by The Essex Institute. I am writing a page on WSN currently. It will soon be available.



I am now an advanced level BWRT practitioner as today I accredited in Level 2 BWRT having written a case study and had it accepted by Terence Watts the creator of BWRT. I'm very happy to be able to offer this very effective form of therapy.


I finished a course in Warriors, Settlers and Nomads today. This extraordinary method of psychotherapy was created by Terence Watts and taught through The Essex Institute. Once I have written a case study I will be qualified to practice and will be adding a page to explain how it all works. 


Yesterday I began a new online training, again with The Essex Institute. Broad band for the Brain works through Parallel processing in the brain instead of serial processing, so that we can use far more of our brains capacity for healing.


I had a fantastic time meeting colleagues from The Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy at Lane End Conference Centre where I undertook my BWRT Level 2 training amongst enthusiastic, fellow learners. I am now the proud owner of a Level 2 certificate and am currently writing a case study in order to accredit. 


I then attended the Inaugural Congress of BWRT along with around 80 others on 14 and 15th May. We were lucky enough to hear presentations from Terence Watts the creator and Rafiq Lockhat the renowned clinical Psychologist and fellow researcher in BWRT protocol from South Africa, as well as from other BWRT practitioners and Banetsi Maphunga a Township counsellor who works from a camper van also in South Africa. The congress was attended by therapists and counsellors from Australia, New Zealand, Africa and all over Europe. It was so exciting to be a part of it all. 



On 25th April I passed my assessment to become a certified Level 1 Brain Working Recursive Therapist through The Essex Institute. I am now qualified to treat many different problems with this new therapy. More information about what it is and how it works is on the dedicated BWRT page. 


I have also just become a member of The British BrainWorking Research Society and on 11th of May I will be attending training for Level 2 BWRT, then on the 14th, the Inaugural Congress of The Institute of BrainWorking Recursive Therapy. 


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